SUPERFLOW Catalytic Converter

SUPERFLOW Katalysator

SUPERFLOW downpipes are sometimes available with high-quality sports catalytic converters or silencers. The metal honeycomb bodies of the catalytic converters serve to maximize the area over which the exhaust gas flows, so that the best possible course of the reaction can be guaranteed. The use of a sports catalytic converter results in a lower thermal load and a lower exhaust gas back pressure, which makes it possible to develop power.

You are probably familiar with the names such as 100, 200 or 400 cells, for example. This term refers to Cells per square inch = CPSI. This means that an area of ​2.54cm x 2.54cm with a 400 cell cat contains 400 cells.

100-, 200- or 400-cell Sport-Catalyst?

With increasing CPSI, exhaust gas purification also improves, since the total surface of the catalytic layer is larger. However, a higher CPSI number also ensures a higher exhaust gas backlog. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate sports catalytic converter, the displacement, performance and emissions standard of the vehicle should be taken into account.